Thursday, September 27, 2012

i hope this still works when she's 15

Caroline has this super yuppie bento lunch box this year to make it easier for her to actually finish her lunch.  It seems all the talking was getting in the way of opening multiple containers to eat, so I figured one simple gesture to open the thing would yield better eating.  And it has worked.  So I have been surprising her with little treats in the tiny middle compartment.

Today, I packed a pinch of mini semi-sweet chocolate chips as her treat.  It felt a little, uh, basic after tiny cookies and such I've packed in the past.  So I was a little concerned it'd be a lunch flop.

At pickup, I asked her how she liked her lunch.  She lit up.  "AAAH!  Chocolate chips!  YOU!  LEAN OVER!"  I looked at her.  Was she going to poke me in the eye?  "I need to give you a kiss!"  Oh!  So I obliged.  "MAMA, YOU ARE SO AWESOME!"