Saturday, September 5, 2009

you may call her godzilla

Caroline has a pesky habit of getting into everything when she's feeling under the weather. We've all had a light cold this week, so the distracted-with-baby-sister mother and the cold-induced orneriness have combined in an unreal way.

I went into her room and saw the contents of her drawers lined up in rows on every surface. It was a disaster. I sighed.

"I was just counting things, Mom."

I said nothing and just shook my head.

"What? Is it destroyed, Mom?"

I nodded.

"Mom, did I destroy the world?"


piecemeal people said...

Might as well have, when Mom's tired and cranky.

Heather said...

Hahaha. I stopped reading for awhile, but what a story to come back to!

Lindsey said...

Ahh, maybe that's why I'm constantly refilling toy bins and putting them back onto the rack. He's counting everything?

Anonymous said...

Oh how I love this blog. This dear little girl always makes me laugh. I hope she doesn't grow out of it or maybe the baby sister will be just like it..thanks for sharing.