Wednesday, October 5, 2011

creative license/cultural touchstones

Caroline brought home some work from school. She made a little, neatly stapled booklet called "My Color Book." It was by "Caroline" with a heart dotting the i.

Each page had the author tracing the name of a color and answering the question, "What is [color]?" -- writers were to write, non-writers were to draw. Caroline did both.

It started out predictably.

What is yellow? A yellow lemin. [drawing of lemon]

It quickly became more abstract.

What is red? Red swirls [a springy shape is drawn with red crayon]

What is orange? A orange line [orange crayon line]

What is blue? A blue rainbou [a carefully drawn blue arch]

Then it just got ridiculous.

I laughed and then asked, "Really, child? A green pig?"

She said, "Well it was the first thing that popped into my head!"

"You seriously didn't think of, like, grass or leaves or a lime?"

"My imagination doesn't have limits, Mom. And my imagination likes Angry Birds."


Lindsey said...

I was laughing even before the Angry Birds reference (I have never played ::shuffles::). Only Caroline. :)

Dzmitry said...

I hope her imagination will not have any limits as she grows up :)