Saturday, November 24, 2012

being thankful

At her Marmy's house for Thanksgiving, Caroline decided on her own that we needed decorations for the tables.  So she made little flower shaped papers and wrote things for which we should be thankful, along with illustrations for the illiterate.

They were:

Be thankful for all your toys.  [illustration: Nesty the dog]
Be thankful for the people you meet. [illustration: a friendly "visitor"]
Be thankful for the things you love.  [illustration: numbers]
Be thankful for your pets.  [illustration: pets]
Be thankful for your siblings.  [illustration: herself]

I read them all and was getting carried away on that wave of "awwwww," especially on the siblings tip; and then I heard the sound of two little girls shrieking and Caroline squawking, "Get her away from my stuff before she messes it up!!!!!"

Ah yes, just as the original Thanksgiving went.

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