Thursday, August 8, 2013

tickets and snacks were only $35

Caroline presented a live action "movie" for me today.  She made me sit in a chair in the hallway, and I had to peer at her in the playroom through the opening in a decorative tissue box cover (which made a handy dark frame, you see).  The movie was "Top Secret Agency" and she was the star Clara S. Morgan.  She used the ipod for intro music, spun around a toy bin to reveal a sign that said, "From the makers of 'Brave'," and employed a homemade flip book of opening credits.

Then the action began.

She and her sidekick Jane R. Swanson (played by our cat, Jane) searched for evidence to reveal where the evil villain was hiding.  Jane had a breakout performance.  She really broke out of the theater, I mean.  She ran past me, and Caroline chased after her.  She paused next to me mid-run, and said, "Well, it's a 3D movie!"

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Tammy said...

She makes me laugh! YOU make me laugh!