Friday, June 17, 2011

her debut

Her ballet recital is next week, and last night was the dress rehearsal.

She sat in her carseat in full "dancing poodle" getup, chatting away.

"I can't believe it. I get to be on stage for the first time today. I hope I don't get stagefrightened!"

I asked, "When have you ever been shy or unwilling to perform?"

"Well, never. But that's because this is my destiny."


Erika Peterson said...
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Erika Peterson said...

I am constantly amazing that one little girl can say such adorable things.

(I had a typo in my original comment :))

Erika Peterson said...

Wow, TGIF.

e said...

She's gonna be a star! ((jazz hands))

Valerie said...

Never a truer word was spoken, mark my words!

Lisa McSpadden said...

Very, very true!!!