Friday, June 24, 2011

new beginnings

Today is Caroline's last day of preschool. She's doing summer camp at the same school, but this is her last day with her classmates (some of whom she's been with for 3 years) and her teachers (who've been with her for 2 years), and they have packed up the Montessori works, and she is done. And I won't pretend it hasn't been a misty couple of days for me.

Her teacher sent home a pretty shell with a notecard. On one side was a personal note to Caroline, and on the other was a quote from the Eric Carle book A House for Hermit Crab.

"Time to move," said Hermit Crab one day in January. "I've grown too big for this little shell." He had felt safe and snug in his shell. But now it was too snug. Hermit Crab stepped out of the shell and onto the floor of the ocean.

I got choked up by the end of the first sentence and just had to hand it to Caroline to read herself.

She read it and smiled.

"I'm like Hermit Crab! I'm going to find a kindergarten shell!"


Laura said...

She can read that? You have one good little reader!

Jennifer said...

Yeah, she's quite a book addict, so she's reading pretty well these days. Nice that she loves to read so much, but a bit problematic now that she can read almost anything over my shoulder.

Ani said...

That brought a little tear to my eye to Jen.

Anonymous said...

I baww'd a little.