Friday, August 19, 2011

a fond farewell

Today was Caroline's last day of the preschool "camp" summer session. This means it was her last day ever at her preschool. She's been there since shortly after she turned 2. She spent one year in the toddler program, then two years in the preschool program. So more than half her life has been spent with those wonderful teachers, and some of the kids have been with her all three years. It's tough for her (and us!) to process that she will not be there anymore. Thankfully, we have Sylvie starting the toddler program now, so she will still be able to visit on days she doesn't have school.

At the end of every year, I copy down Caroline's sentiments for her teachers (and it's verbatim, which can be interesting to say the least). This year was no different. She drew cards for each of her teachers and assistant teachers. A few:

The comments written for each one varied, of course, but included stuff like:
You are very mellow, and I love that about you. You help me and my friends so much. Thank you, and I'll miss you. Love, Caroline.


I'm going to miss you so much. I wish that you could be at my kindergarten. I've loved that you've been helping me for two years. I'll give you a hug before I go. Thank you. Love, Caroline


Thanks for being so cool. You have a very cool attitude! [Seriously, Mom. She has a very cool attitude.] Thanks for helping me this summer. Okay, here comes the end: I LOVE YOU, ANGELA. [heart] Caroline

She wanted to write one more after I thought we were done (and all the teachers and the director were done!). So I told her she'd have to do all the writing herself, since she'd only done the signature and I love yous on the other cards. I left her to her card, having no idea what she was doing. She called to me in the kitchen, "How do you spell 'being'?"

I eventually came to see what she was up to. She had finished her card. A card to the new school gerbils.

And inside?

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