Sunday, August 21, 2011

the pink poodle avenger

Caroline came downstairs in costume and in character. She was wearing her black soccer shin guards (no socks), metallic pewter bow ballet flats, a turquoise and pink heart nightgown, a wide rainbow headband, and a grimace. She was "the dark side, fierce Caroline." She showed me her secret weapons: a tiny piece of black cardboard ("my strength"), a black labrador figurine ("my power"), and her beloved black stuffed animal puppy Nesty ("my protector"). She told me to prepare to defend myself against her dark side powers.

I told her it was kind of hard to take her fierceness and darkness seriously when she was wearing a rainbow headband.

She never broke character when she uttered in a very Clint Eastwood tone, "Well, the blue in the rainbow is dark blue, and that's what matters."

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