Thursday, September 8, 2011

K is OK

Yesterday was Caroline's first day of kindergarten. She rode the bus to and from school (she insisted!). She was in charge of a lot of her own belongings. She was in a totally different environment with no preschool friends, new rules, a new teacher, and new everything. She was not nervous in the morning, but I was. I could barely wait until she hopped off the bus in the afternoon.

I saw her feet on the steps of the bus, then her knees. They were covered with 4 bandages. I gasped and immediately assumed that she had been traumatized at school. She was happy enough, but I assumed it was because she was home.

I faked a confident smile and asked, "So how was that first day?!" I held my breath as I waited for the run down on tragedies and traumas.

She busted out with, "Well, I'd say it was pretty much your standard awesome day!"

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