Saturday, September 17, 2011


We were trying to psych her up for her 2nd soccer game this morning. It was pretty much useless.

"I am not a soccer star. I'm not even much of a soccer player."

Soon after, I was adjusting the knee high red socks that cover her shin guards and she said:

"The best thing about soccer is the outfit. Make it look cute, Mom."


Amanda said...

I love coming here for a new Kazooisms. Your daughter is such a delight. Can't wait to hear what your younger daughter has to say, that is if Caroline gives her a chance to talk! :)

I've started writing down the funny things my twins say. Their early morning monitor conversations (the things I hear over their baby monitor) are the best. I've incorporated their funny quotes into the blog I already had about our daily life. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Amanda! Good job keeping track of your kids' funny conversations. It's one of the most fortunate impromptu decisions I made. Love looking back and seeing them all!

And,I know, I need to get one started for Sylvie! She's just now getting into talking, and her memorable quips are often "you had to be there" moments so far. But it's coming with more regularity soon, I know!