Wednesday, January 18, 2012

long walks on the beach

Caroline got in the car yesterday and began giggling. Eventually, I asked her what was up. "Mom, I have to tell you something, and it is totally weird."

The totally weird news? She has her first boyfriend. She and Logan are girlfriend and boyfriend.

I asked her very casually what that meant to her, to be boyfriend and girlfriend, hoping to hear nothing of hand-holding or smooching on the playground. I was relieved to hear her take on it. "We are in kindergarten, Mom. We're not like kissing teenager boyfriend/girlfriend. We're good friends, is all. We're like mini-boyfriend/girlfriend."

And how did this all come to be? "Well, Logan kept asking me on the bus, so I said, 'Fine. Ok. I'm your girlfriend.'"

Then she asked me to refrain from telling her dad. I suggested that he might appreciate being in the loop. She agreed, but insisted, "You'll have to tell Daddy because I can't break this kind of news to him. Make him sit down first."


Later in the afternoon, we were discussing this a bit more, and I reminded her that she doesn't need to spend too much time worrying about boyfriends and girlfriends at her age -- that she she had a lot of more important stuff to think about right now.

She agreed. "Yeah, I do," she nodded. "Like kittens. And rainbows."


Valerie said...

Oh, oh, this is one of my favourite posts ever! Caroline is awesome.

Amanda said...

So sweet! I hope she keeps up that mentality. I didn't have time for boyfriends until I got to college. I was too busy playing with horses in high school! Now I realize that my mom had it easy with me!

Penny in Australia said...

love the phrase 'mini-boyfriend/girlfriend'!