Tuesday, May 15, 2012

isn't it ironic?

A few weeks ago, Caroline's school musical finally hit the stage.  These productions are of a much higher caliber than most school plays, and it's sort of a big deal in our artsy community.  The kindergarten and 1st grade kids were the opening act, singing "On Broadway" with many jazz hands waving and exaggerated dance moves telling you all about the travails of someone seeking to make it big in NYC.

The day after opening night, we ran into one of her friend's moms, who said, "Caroline!  You lit up the stage!  Your smile was soooo big, and you did such a great job.  You were really at home up there!"

She laughed and said thank you to the nice woman, and then turned to me as we walked away and grabbed my arm tight and said, "Maybe it's true.  Maybe I really will be a star."

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