Thursday, August 13, 2009

gold stars for everyone

Caroline: Daddy, did you just come out of the bathroom?
Chuck: I did.
Caroline: Did you go pee-pee in the potty?
Chuck: Why, yes, I did.
Caroline [throwing herself around his leg in a hug]: I am SO proud of you!!!


Caroline: Mama, what are you doing?
Me: Well I am making an apple pie. That is the crust over there, see?
Caroline: Oh my goodness, Mama. It's so wonderful.
Me: Thank you!
Caroline: Did you do that all by yourself?!


Sanjiv Sarwate said...

Kaia always asks me when I have to go whether I'm going pee-pee or poo-poo, and then (if it's the former) comes in to check my progress and make comments (usually that it has "bubbles" in it).

For her own part, she likes to have stories told to her when she's on the can. Usually on one of three topics:

1) Where poop goes (I told her a circle of life white lie that she insists on hearing again and again);

2) Abraham Lincoln; or

3) The Little Red Hen

We have a very peculiar child.

How's it going with Lady Caroline's potty training? Or are you buying stock in diaper and training pants manufacturers?

Jennifer said...

Well, come on Sanjiv. Genes being what they are, of course Kaia is adorably peculiar. We just have a plain ole weirdo, so count your blessings.

And re: potty training. She could be totally done now if we had the energy to deal with it. Probably could have been done months ago, but with pregnancy of doom and a house that requires you to use stairs to get to a bathroom (and she won't use the little potty seat), well... it didn't happen. She will pee on the toilet often and needs very little encouragement to do so. So once we are getting a tiny bit more sleep (come on newborn child), we'll go cold turkey on the pullups and just be done with it. Fun times.