Friday, August 21, 2009

not at the moment

Caroline was hanging out with me while I changed the baby's diaper. She wandered off. I assumed she went to her room. I thought I heard water running, so I put baby sister in the crib, turned on the mobile and went to investigate.

I found dear child pumping hand soap into my beautiful, beloved jasmine topiary. I think my brain melted on the spot. Words failed me. I just grabbed it from her.

"I was just washing it, Mom!"

I ran with it down the stairs to try to use the sink faucet to remove as much soap as possible and told her very sternly (unusual for me), "You are in trouble. Go sit down and wait for me to come talk to you."

She called down from the steps behind me, "What, no love?!"


canchaser_412 said...

WOW that girl is never a loss for word

Jennifer said...

For real. And it was asked so earnestly too. Not, like, snarky. When she figures out how to be a smart alec, we'll all be in serious trouble.

TomLehrerLover said...

But you've left us at a cliffhanger!
... is the topiary okay?!

Jennifer said...

So far, so good. But I think it may take a couple days to know if it survived Operation Big Idea.

speechykeen said...

If I was caught playing on the internet at work, it'll be because of this post, because I actually laughed out loud. Your kid is my hero, lol.