Wednesday, August 19, 2009

it'll be like this when she's 15, right?

The night before last, we were all having a rough one. Sylvie was doing her newborn thing. Caroline would not stay in bed, no matter what we tried. We'd had a looooong, sweaty power outage the night before so her routine got all messed up, and we were paying for it dearly. At 11:30pm, she was in our room and was playing at my feet. I ordered her back into her room. We escorted her, and I put a pressure gate on her doorway as her father lectured her.

Then she poked the bear. She asked her sleep-deprived father in her favorite manipulative way (she doesn't get sad or weepy when in trouble, she tries to turn it around on you), "Are you grumpy, Daddy?"

And so Grumpy Bear Chuck raised his voice to her, which is pretty rare around here. It was not a proud parenting moment for either of us, and we discussed it the next day.

Chuck decided to go talk to her in the morning and apologize for losing his temper but explain that it's important that she stay in bed, go to sleep, listen to your parents, etc. Part of the conversation is as follows:

Chuck: Bug, you know how I was very grumpy with you last night? Well that wasn't very nice of me and I'm really sorry I got so grumpy.

Caroline: Aw, that's alright, Daddy.

He smiled at her. Then she did this cheesy grin, threw her arms up and yelled "FRIENDS!" and gave him a hug.


Jen said...

I just knew she would forgive him! Was holding my breath! (Oh, and we all do that as parents sometimes!)

meredith said...

Well, clearly you must be doing something right if she's quick to forgive so sweetly! :)