Wednesday, May 12, 2010

like that sheriff in arizona

Caroline entered the room with her chin in the air, fists on her hips and making great strides. She was wearing a rainbow shirt with pink striped leggings under pink running shorts.


Mama: You are.

Caroline: I AM PINK GIRL! I have the power to spray pink, and this is my Super Poodle who has the power to clean up messes!

Mama: But what happens when you spray pink?

Caroline: Uh, it makes everything pink. You know. Covers things in pink.

Mama: But how does that help catch bad guys?

Caroline: It doesn't catch bad guys, but it makes them all pink. And how can you want to do bad things if you are covered in the most real, beautiful color there is?

1 comment:

Ericka said...

She makes a very good point! :)

(I love your blog and hope to record all of the funny things my children say someday when I have them. Great idea!)