Saturday, May 8, 2010

on the supreme court of motherhood

Caroline has been making me "Happy Mother's Day" cards all day. I love the phonetic spelling of "Mamy" and all the singing animals and swirls she has drawn. But there is one card that is better than the rest.

"Here, Mom. This one is a special one. I want you to treasure it."

I told her I would, so she gave it to me.

"It's a cat that shaved itself, you see?"

I tried not to giggle and thanked her and promised that I will treasure it always.

"It was made with care and love, you know."

I know. Oh, how I know.

She took both my hands in hers and held them flat. And then she started pumping them like a huddled sports team, chanting "Care and love and care and love..." I was totally taken aback by this but played along, all the way through to the spirit-fingers at the end. "...and care and love and care and love and JUSTICE!"


LittleO said...

If I weren't almost 20, I would do this tomorrow after cooking dinner for my mom. :P Your little girl is absolutely the best - I hope she is still so amusing as she gets older! I wonder how long these will last? Until she starts to consider them embarassing or an invasion of her privacy? Hopefully that will never happen!
<3 o.

Jennifer said...

I think about that all the time, honestly. The blog was originally started to keep far-flung family up to date on her funnier toddler moments. And now she's, like, a real kid. I am happy to keep it open until she asks me to stop or until I think it's time. It will be great for her to have this record of her younger self (heaven knows I can't remember 99% of these stories even a year or two later -- so it's super valuable to me, too). I've already started to self-censor and refrain from posting some things that I think 17 year old Caroline will prefer to remain unshared. I hope this never embarrasses her, but if it does, I will stop or take it private or something. I don't foresee that, but hopefully my willingness to step back and say "When she's a tween/teenager/adult, would she want strangers to know this about her?" will prevent any issues. Time will tell! Thanks for the thoughts. :)