Monday, May 17, 2010

sports talk live

We drove by a field full of busy youth athletic leagues.

Caroline: Ooooh, what are they playing?

Mama: That's football. Flag football.

Caroline: Football, with flags??!! I think I'd like to play that!

Mama: Well, I think you have to be 5 to play. But if you're still interested in a couple years, sure, you can play. It's mostly boys, but there are some girls, too!

Caroline: That sounds like fun. And I can play tennis too.

Mama: We'd need to get you into pee wee tennis at the community center before you could play in any sort of league.

Caroline: I already know how to play tennis, Mama.

Mama: Really? I didn't know that. What are the rules?

Caroline: Oh sure! I definitely know how to play. You just, like, get one of those puppy balls. You know, the ones that are a little yellow and a little green and kind of fuzzy and have a white stripe? You get a dog ball like that, and, well, you just hit it. With one of those netty bats. I'm a pro, actually.


Ani said...

That is how Venus and Serena described it when they were younger, just so you know ;)

Marisa@make*happy said...

Yep, my 2yo called it a "dog ball" just the other day. It makes perfect sense, if you think about it! It's what they see.

Katie said...

I just spit yogurt out of my mouth! "I'm a pro, actually." Love it!