Monday, June 14, 2010

c. montgomery burns, jr.

Caroline got an ickily realistic toy lizard that she named Anna. Anna has been up to lots of things in the 24 hours we have had her. She's taught about centrifugal force, why mothers don't like sticky gooey lizards on their faces, that hiding sticky gooey lizards in dark computer bags can be a funny prank, and even more.

But now I fear that Caroline is teaching Anna too much.

Anna sat on the couch upright with her sticky gooey lizard fingers steepled, and the painted serious look on her face.

I asked Caroline what Anna was up to.

She informed me, "I'm afraid she's thinking, 'Hmmmm. I like destroying dreams.'"


Heather HS said...

WOW. That is awesome.

Anonymous said...

this is priceless. just priceless.