Tuesday, June 1, 2010

on the eve of four

Caroline and I were driving around running errands. I told her this is the last day she will ever be three, and I asked her to tell me the three things she likes best about herself. They are as follows (verbatim, of course):

1. I am really caring to people, and I love people because they are so different and interesting. And I just love them. So it's good to be kind and friendly.

2. I like that I have a good imagination and make wonderful pretend chef food that tastes better than you can believe.

3. I have great style. You know, my fashion.


Lindsay H. said...

All very important traits! Happy Birthday Miss Caroline!

talousuutiset said...

Nice blog..

Adele said...

I just gave your web address to my daughter who has an almost four year old; Caroline reminds me of her. June 2 is also my daughter's birthday; she already loves - and can totally relate to - the kazooisms you post. Thanks! And Happy Birthday to L and Caroline.