Sunday, June 13, 2010

grizzled and weathered

We were getting ready to board a plane for the family reunion trip to Mexico. I was trying to psych her up about the plane ride, since she's a little edgy about certain noises (like, oh, hairdryers or a clicking cd) but totally tolerant of what I'd think are terrible noises. It's a crapshoot, so I try to prepare her as positively as possible in advance, just in case.

I reviewed that "it's like a loud whoosh and the wheels will fold up and make a loud sound, but it's sooooo cooooool that we can fly, and how big will a building look from a sky? Will you feel like a giant? No this is not a diversionary tactic, why do you ask?"

We continued this conversation for a while before she mentioned that she'd never been on a plane before.

I told her that she had, but she was a toddler last time, so she probably didn't remember.

"Oh definitely. I don't remember the old days.

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