Monday, October 18, 2010

i bet he had a troubled childhood

Sylvie was taking a much-needed nap today, and I was trying to keep Caroline quiet to no avail, so I put on Nickelodeon in desperation. Spongebob was on. I severely dislike Spongebob. But I was that desperate for the quiet/nap.

I was lamenting how gross the show is. Some character or another yelled "shut up!" and I just ranted a bit about it.

"That was Mr. Krabs, Mama."

I said it was RUDE.

"Mr. Krabs isn't rude, Mom." She thought a moment. "He's just... a little needy."


Vixxen said...

Oh, I completely agree with you! Spongebob is horribly disgusting. I abhor the show. It's the same animation style as Ren and Stimpy, which also freaked me out. It's so gross.

Jennifer said...

Yeah, it just feels like... spittle. Imaginary spittle is flying at you the whole time. Plus there's all the "butt" jokes.