Sunday, November 14, 2010

making dad proud

Chuck was battling the leaves in our front yard while Caroline twirled around holding her beloved toy dog, Nesty. She tripped on uneven ground and landed face-first on the ground. She stood up and her face was covered in dirt, and there was dirt all over her tongue.

She was not hurt, and I tried to hide the giggles as I brought her in and told her we'd clean her up. I started to walk into the kitchen, and she called out, "Wait!" and ran to the mirror in the foyer to check herself out.

"Ewwww," she said as she stuck out her tongue and saw a bunch of dirt on it. Then she checked both sides of her muddy face, snarled in a menacing way, and said, "Wow. I look like a football player."


William said...

AHAHAHAH thats to funny!! great story!!

Edible Art said...

so adorable!
way to stay positive ! (: