Sunday, November 28, 2010

new scent available from yankee candle co.

She finally caught what has been circulating for weeks -- the pukes. Last night at 9pm, we heard The Cough™ that yields disaster. Chuck took the bedding, stuffed animal, and room cleanup, I took the crying kid cleanup. After new pajamas, clean mouth, clean hair, and clean face; I had her wash her hands really good, as I did, to avoid spreading the icks to Sylvie. She went back to bed.

This morning she woke up moaning about her stomach. I ran her into the bathroom, and she sat on a stool next to the toilet while we waited to see if something was about to erupt from her gut.

We chatted about how this is a short-lived sickness and hopefully she was all done. She whined about how she didn't want to throw up, refused to hold a bucket, etc. She talked about how bad puke stinks. Then she sniffed her hands to make sure it was gone. She smiled and was relieved by the smell of her clean hands. Then she said with a smile, "I smell like you."

I was leery of any potential similarity between my smell and puke smell, so I asked for clarification.

"They smell clean. I was laying in bed last night and my hands were on my pillow, and I wondered why I smelled this. I like it. The smell is... warm mama."


Rebecca said...

That actually makes me teary. How sweet! I love all the things you post, but this may be my new favorite!

Vixxen said...

Oh my god! That's the sweetest thing ever! I'm 23, and I still remember what my mom's sweaters smelled like when I was 3. My sister and I would put them on when we were cold so we could always smell her =)