Wednesday, January 5, 2011

your average daily car conversation

Caroline: Mama, do we have meat? I mean in our bodies.

Mama: Well, if someone was to cook you and eat you, your muscles would be meat.

Caroline: My muscles are meat?

Mama: In theory.

Caroline: Hm. Why don't people eat people meat like they eat animal meat?

Mama: It's frowned upon. And also, I bet you'd be gamey.

Caroline: I'M NOT GAMEY. Unless that's good.

Mama: No, it's just a really strong flavor. Like animals caught in the wild -- small birds, rabbits, even squirrel. They taste very particular. It's called gamey.

Caroline: Oh.

[silence for about 30 seconds]

Caroline: Why do we have bones?

Mama: Well your skeleton is sort of like your own frame. It supports you and allows you to move. If you had no bones, you would just be a puddle of flesh on the floor. Like when you take off your clothes, they have no frame or support and they are just a pile on the floor.

Caroline: Puddle of skin and muscle? Awesome!

Mama: Yes, who's hungry?

Caroline: I wish I had a zipper on my back so you could take out my bones and I could be like a dirty shirt.

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