Tuesday, February 8, 2011

astronomy is personal

Caroline's a bit of Space Nerd, so we sometimes end up watching television shows about the solar system. This happened today, in fact. And as the narrator ominously described the planets that are inhospitable to humans, Caroline grew grumpier by the second.

She crossed her arms and started pouting, "I like Mars."

I shrugged since I'm entirely ignorant about these things and had nothing better to offer in reassurance.

She continued, growing more and more insulted, "Mars is not so bad! It's just a little windy. It's not like it's hot or anything! Like wind's a big deal. Really, this guy should try Venus."


Lindsey said...

Caroline, I get it. My favorite planet is Neptune. Windiest planet AND you can't even stand on it. :-/

Christine said...

Caroline needs this t-shirt:


I have the adult version. :shuffle: