Friday, February 4, 2011

this needs to be on reality tv

We were hanging in the playroom before school the other day, and she was playing with some of her plastic friends. I was talking to Chuck when I heard Caroline bark, "Drop and give me 3!"

I turned to see this:

Seems that Malibu Ken hired Slash as his personal trainer.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! Has she been watching the Biggest Loser or something?

Jennifer said...

Heh, noooooo. That's on past her bedtime. I think she's seen her dad doing push ups before, but I don't know where she learned the "drop and give me..." part. TV probably.

Kimi said...

Slash isn't the strictest personal trainer...unless the 3 push-ups were a punishment after already doing 100...That picture is beyond fantastic.

Anonymous said...

you have a cute blog..thanks Pam