Monday, April 11, 2011

spring is here!

Caroline's declaration as she bounded down the stairs this morning:

"Heeeeey, people! Are you ready for this?! It's FLIP FLOP SEASON!"


Katie said...

I understand her joy. I love flip flop season too!

Lindsay H. said...

I'm all about flip flops. I hate wearing shoes at all, so flip flops are a good compromise. I feel your joy, Caroline! I've been wearing my flip flops for a month already. ;)

Norm & Trish said...

Caroline, I am a flip flop granny! Just back from Fla. so I pretty much wear them year round! Great for bunions, neuromas, hammertoes--you'll understand some day, honey!

Camille said...

She is adorable! My daughter actually has the same type of webpage.