Thursday, July 2, 2009

miss manners

Caroline has taken to hosting "sleepovers" for her stuffed animals, toys, and dolls during naptime. And her sleepovers are pretty much like sleepovers you remember -- squealing, talking, playing. Anything but sleeping.

Today I tucked her in for her nap at 12:30. I was hearing some chatter and giggling from her room an hour and a half later. I went up to be mean old enforcer mom.

Mama: What is going on up here? Are you having another sleepover?

Caroline: No, [lightbulb moment] this is a guest party.

Mama: Oh, a "guest party" this time? Well you and all your "guests" have to go. to. sleep. right. now.

Caroline: That's not how we treat guests, Mama.

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