Monday, July 6, 2009

Scoop is the new Harvey

She decided this morning, as we prepared for the first day of preschool's summer session, that she needed to unveil her first imaginary friend. His name is Scoop and he is a truck -- inspired by Bob the Builder's Scoop, I am sure. She needed a new bandaid, and Scoop needed one too [question: how does one apply a real bandaid to an invisible vehicle?]. I rushed her from the house to the car... can't forget Scoop! Oh no, she had to go back and get him. And on and on. Every rushed morning moment was complicated by Scoop's needs and my confusion about how to respond to this whole scenario.

As we walked from the car to the school building, she asked me "Hey Mom, is Scoop with us?"

I tossed a look over my shoulder. "Uh, I don't know, sweets. Is he here? I can't see him..."

With her patented raised eyebrows, tilted head, and voice of pity towards my feeble mind, she said, "Well, of course you can't see him. He's my imaginary friend, you know?"

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