Saturday, July 4, 2009

needs more cowbell

We found her harmonica today. She proceeded to compose and perform her own songs all afternoon.

I heard, "This one is called _____________" about 308 times. And the blank was filled with a number of titles including but not limited to:

• A Cute Girl with Cute Pants
• Rock and Roll YEAH
• I Like Lemurs and Ice Cream
• The Daddy's Gonna Like This Song
• No More Naps

At the conclusion of each song, she ran and slid on her knees in a very David Lee Roth way. We should fear her teen years.


piecemeal people said...

"I like lemurs and ice cream" just made my morning.

meredith said...

You have no idea how much your blog makes my day on a regular basis. I don't have kids, so I'm really enjoying the free smiles you are getting with the Kazoo. She is delightful and hilarious and wonderful! Thanks for sharing.

Ani said...