Tuesday, July 7, 2009

sweet and sour

I was having a pretty stressful morning (but nothing related to the girl child). So after talking to a friend and breathing deep, I watched Caroline play sweetly and I smiled at her.

"Hi Mama!" She smiled at me.

"You are pretty awesome, kid."

"Aw thanks Mom. Thanks for the new battery in my dinosaur flashlight too. It is really roary now! That was great of you!"

I was touched by her good manners and thoughtfulness and gave her a hug.

She held my hand and smiled at me and said, "I'm really sorry."

"Really sorry about what, silly?"

"I'm just really sorry about that mess..."

"What mess?"

"I'm really sorry about that makeup mess I made."


"In your room, with the makeup. While you were talking."


"I'm really sorry."


Sierra said...

Haha! Sorry about the mess, but I must say that she says some pretty funny stuff! :)

piecemeal people said...

Ha ha - what a turd!

My eleven-year-old (custodial) stepdaughter is visiting her mother for a month this summer...my husband and I sent her a package with her favorite muffins, a new book, cards, etc. AND we made her a birthday photo collage and e-mailed it to her. We had to ASK, on the phone last night, if she'd gotten any of it - because she didn't mention it at all. Nevermind getting a thank-you.