Tuesday, October 6, 2009

a little sugar for all the spice

Chuck's friend Tom and his girlfriend Amy came over to watch the Lions game (why watch that team, I do not know). Tom is a very nice guy, but as he has no nieces or nephews or any other close experience with children, it's safe to say he's not one of those people who is just really into kids. He likes them and is good with them, but he won't approach them for play or whatever. This, of course, means that Caroline is drawn to him like a cat is drawn to a person with severe allergies. As we all sat watching the Lions lose, Caroline climbed into Tom's lap and looked up at him and professed loudly and confidently, "I love you."


We had a little visit at our house with Great Aunt Mary Lou and Great Uncle Tom. They had some gifts for Caroline and Sylvie, and we really hadn't seen them since Syl was born in July. Caroline and I had to leave mid-visit, as she had a doctor appointment. We said our goodbyes, she gave them big hugs and thanked them for the gift.

Hours later, after a semi-traumatic blood test and post-appointment shopping trip, we were in the car when the following conversation took place.

Caroline: Are Aunt Mary Lou and Uncle Tom still at our house?

Mama: No sweetie, they are probably home having dinner by now.

Caroline groaned in frustration.

Mama: What?

Caroline: But I forgot!

Mama: Forgot what?

Caroline: I forgot to tell them I loved them!

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Sanjiv Sarwate said...

No matter how hard it is to be a Bears fan most years, we can always take some comfort from the fact that somewhere out there are Lions fans, and their days will always suck more than ours. :-)