Tuesday, October 13, 2009

smile makers/santa capers

Little sister (aka Lil Screamy) had to go to the doctor today because her medicine for silent reflux is no longer working. Caroline was quite a trooper about waiting and hanging out there, and the doctor noticed this and offered her one of those ubiquitous SmileMakers stickers.

Of course, it ripped in the car on the way home. Caroline was pretty torked about it. "Ugh, I RIPPED it. I wasn't very careful and now look at it!"

I suggested that she could get a new one next time we were there. "But we won't be there for a long time."

I suggested that we tape it back together. "But it has a little line right there, see? That would look bad."

I suggested that Santa could bring her a new one. "Mom. I think Santa is a little too busy to fix sticker problems."

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