Sunday, February 14, 2010

grab bag of weird

I am eavesdropping while she is in the bath with some toys -- the boobless Barbies, a pony or two, and some random other junk.

"So, that's your boyfriend? Wait, he's your brother too??"

"This is my unicorn. She's got special powers. She also has a very sharp horn, so don't cross her."

"I can't see. Well, I can't hear. Well, I can't talk. We're in serious trouble. We'd better get a ninja."

"Girls, girls, girls. We can play with our nail cuttings later."


arttu said...

We are watching Canada's Next Top Model and laughing out loud...

Ani said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I don't even wanna know about the nail cuttings!!!!!

Sarah said...