Friday, April 16, 2010

future vp of dq

I took Caroline to an old favorite childhood haunt -- my hometown's Dairy Queen.

She sat on the bench with a gigantic tile mosaic of an ice cream cone behind her and ate her strawberry sundae with excitement. I was looking at her with nostalgia and happiness.

A few bites in, she exclaimed, "Well, so far, so sweet!"


As we were leaving, she saw others in line for their own treats.

Caroline: Why are those people in line?

Mama: They are getting their own ice cream now. Who doesn't like ice cream?!

Caroline: Crazy people.


Anonymous said...

Sing it, sister!

Cory Jill Syd and Brenna said...


Mrs. Beer said...

haha! Have I stressed how much I love your blog? Oh I have? I know. It's just adorable.

Kinsey said...

She is a wise one.