Tuesday, April 13, 2010

temporarily abdicating the title "center of the universe"

We were at Costco today and the same woman who did the leprechan voice at Caroline happened to be waiting on us again.

Caroline told her, "I have something very special to tell you."

The woman asked to hear it.

"Strawberry Shortcake has a kitty and her name is Custard! Can you believe it?!"

The woman played along very enthusiastically. "Oh, Strawberry Shortcake is the cutest. I love her freckles. I bet you have freckles like that in the summertime too!"

Caroline looked at her incredulously and said, "Let's talk about Custard, ok? This is a WAY bigger deal than me."


Kinsey said...

Haha! This post made me laugh during class. Embarrassing...

Beatriz said...

LOL jeez this lady is striking OUT