Friday, April 16, 2010

a peppy tune

Caroline was playing with a little toy cat and was singing a little song that went like this:

It's good to be a cat at home
It's better than being at the cat pound
There's bad food like asparagus at the cat pound
But there's pizza at home
And you'd miss your mo-o-o-ommm at the cat pound
'Cause it's really like a jail
And they make you wear striped clothes
But if you're a cat, you dislike wearing clothes
And I know it's true because of the sock situation with my cat


Amelia Harris said...

LOL I love all the Kazooisms! I try to check your blog every morning so that I can start the day off with a good laugh. Thanks for sharing :)

AnnaA said...

Sock situation?

Kinsey said...

Haha, the sock situation...

Mrs. Beer said...

Your blog is awesome. Such a great concept! You're going to be so happy to have all these things documented when your kids are grown!! And, cat jail would TOTALLY have asparagus. I believe that.

Jennifer said...

aw, thanks all!