Monday, July 12, 2010

like a def leppard song

When Caroline was 2, her teachers traced her hand onto a piece of paper, put a poem on it, laminated it, and put a magnet on the back. These are the precious things to schmaltzy parents. Tiny little construction paper hand magnets. I swoon at the mere thought of these things.

Big 4 year old Caroline found it on the wall and brought it to me and asked me to rip the magnet off the back.

Mama: Noooo! This is precious to me. You cannot take it apart.

Caroline: It's just a little hand.

Mama: Yes, but it's your hand and you made it with love, and it's so special to me!

Caroline: Love doesn't make things beautiful, Mom.

Mama: This is beautiful! It warms my heart just to see it.

And I took it away from her and clutched it melodramatically.

Caroline: I have to tell you, Mama. You'll be sorry. Love is cold.

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