Friday, July 9, 2010

record this call for training purposes

We recently had a chat about calling 911, and how it's to be used properly. So it was no surprise this afternoon when I heard "Mrs. Cat" (who was wearing sock paws on her hands and feet) on the pink plastic play phone line.

"Hello, Emergency Cat. This is Mrs. Cat. This is an emergency. My 5 year old kitten is captured by fire. You have to save her! It's so dangerous! Please hurry!"

Then she turned it up a few notches, grasping at her neck in terror and wailing, " You have to come and save her from being captured! She's going to get a RASH! SAVE HER! You have to save her!!!!! "

She then pulled the phone away from her ear and gave it a disgusted look before exclaiming to the emergency cat on the other end of the line, "YES, THIS IS REAL!"

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