Monday, December 13, 2010

talking when half asleep = unexpected revelations

Caroline was nearly asleep after her ballet class, curled up next to her dad. She started to do her patented approach to keeping herself awake -- talk about anything and everything. She sighed and nuzzled his arm, smiling. "I could just take a piece of daddy and put it in a blender..." Her eyes darted while she grasped for a way to salvage this sentiment with less gore. "...and I would love and hug that blender full of daddy."


chambers10 said...

I just have to tell you how much I laugh when reading your blog. Your husband is a friend of my dads, Marc Chambers and when Chuck post these I laugh every time. Your daughter's are so smart and beautiful and creative! and not to mention what a great writer you are. Just thought I would tell ya!
Happy Holidays,
Carrie Chambers

Jennifer said...

Thank you, Carrie!

I hope your family has a great Christmas and happy 2011!