Tuesday, December 7, 2010

yes, but i found you instead.

I was upstairs putting Sylvie down for a nap, and as I descended the stairs, I heard Caroline scurry around the first floor. I grew suspicious immediately.

I looked around the living room. Nowhere to be found. I checked the dining room. Nope. I called her name. I heard nothing in reply. My brow furrowed. I walked into the kitchen.

There, perched atop a stool at the furthest flung spot, sat Caroline. She had perfect posture and her hands were folded gracefully in her lap.

She feigned being startled and in an exaggerated calm voice, she batted her eyelashes said, "Oh! Hi. By any chance were you looking for an angel?"


Ani said...

The girl is WORKING for those Christmas presents!!!!!!!

Vixxen said...

Oh lord, your daughter is just too much! Too much adorable sweetness, lol

Anonymous said...

That kid is dying to be involved in theatre!