Sunday, May 1, 2011

the catch phrase for when she's parodied by andy samberg

I try to avoid running errands with Caroline because she is a people person to the extreme. I think it's a wonderful quality, but I'm pretty much a person who values efficiency above all else. So it's difficult to have to stop and smile and wait while she talks to everyone she passes about some event, some article of clothing, or some kind of pet or mythical creature.

Chuck worked a few hours in the middle of the night last night, so he wanted anap while Sylvie napped. This meant that I had to be a good wife and take Caroline with me while I went shopping for necessities and plants at a few different places.

Things went as I imagined they would. But at every cash register, her farewell line to the store associate was the same.

Here's a contextual example from the garden center, where a young college student handled our transaction.

Caroline: Hi! My name is Caroline.

Associate: Hi! I like your name.

Caroline: Thank you. You're very pretty!

Associate: [taken aback] Oh my goodness, you should come here more often! You're pretty too.

Caroline: Thank you. And I mean it. And I really like your hairstyle.

Associate: Oh thank you!

Caroline: I especially like your headband. It's very bejeweled, of course.

Associate: Bejeweled! You're right. You know where I got it? Target.

Caroline: Target?! I love shopping there. It's the best place to buy toys!

Associate: I know! Maybe we'll go shopping together sometime.

Caroline: Totally!

[some actual plant- and transaction-related conversation between the associate and myself here]

Mama: [to associate] I don't usually bring her with me for errands because I never get out of the store...

Associate: Haha! Well, it's been great talking to her. She's so cute.

Caroline: I have loved talking with you too!

Associate: Come back and see me sometime soon.

Caroline: Of course I will! I want to see more of your hairstyles... and because you're so pretty.

[crowd forming at this point and all giggling and telling the associate that they would like to receive compliments like that... mother feeling really awkward but still smiling!]

Associate: Bye! See you soon!

Caroline: Bye! Try to remember my name. It's Caroline. Tell your friends.

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