Friday, May 6, 2011

parts of speech

Today is show and tell day at school, and it was decided very last minute that she would like to take photos of our dog Reuben. This meant scrambling to choose and print photos from our digital library.

We scrolled through a few dozen photos of him, and she picked two that showed him wearing her pink stuff (a tiara in one, and a pink wig in the other). Then she picked one of them together because, "We're both smiling!"

I had her choose one more so the page would be full, and she chose a totally random one of him sitting. No pink. No specific cuteness. I asked why.

"He's in his chair, where he sits and barks at everything. It's very like him. This picture is just very... Reubenous!"

I asked, "Reubenous?"

"It's an adjective, Mom."


Heartmade Creations said...

Hey, kuddos to her for using the definition of an adjective correctly! She's too young to have learned that at school right? too cute!

Jennifer said...

Oh, I'm sure she learned it at school. I'm far too lazy to teach grammar. :) And thanks!