Monday, May 9, 2011

think positive

While at the playground with her dad, Caroline discovered a featherless baby bird lying still on the pavement. She came home and reported what she found to me. Chuck did charades behind her to inform me it was indeed a baby bird who met its fate.

"Mama, I saw what might have been a dead baby bird on the ground. Maybe it was sleeping. But it was probably dead. It was kinda gross. It looked like a little piece of pink meat. I think it was a bird because I looked closely and I saw a tiny little beak and some featherless wings."

I hmmmmmed and said it would be sad if it was, in fact, dead.

She then finalized her opinion.

"You know what? I don't think it's a dead bird. I think it just fainted because it saw its baby bird boyfriend, and he was so handsome, she couldn't take it."


Ha Ly said...

okay now i can only imagine chuck doing charades to communicate from now on

Lisa McSpadden said...

PLEASE never, ever, ever stop blogging the quotes and stories of your daughter. She ALWAYS makes me laugh!!!!!