Friday, May 6, 2011

putting this in writing = legally binding, right?

Caroline was making her sandwich for lunch while I cut cantaloupe. We were chatting about something, and she answered in that singsong-y tone that basically is the same thing as saying, "Well, duh. You're totally annoying me."

I immediately told her it was not appropriate to speak like that, and she sincerely asked why. I told her that the tone was hurtful, and that we don't speak to one another like that in our family or with our friends.

Her thoughts were, "Hm. But teenagers talk like that."

I said, "Yeah, they often do, but teenagers sometimes push limits like that because they're kind of figuring out how to be grownups. They don't always have other people's feelings in mind because they have a lot going on in their brains."

She said, and I quote, "Oh. Well, you can believe me on this one, Mama. I'm going to be the nicest teenager in the history of the world."


Sister Sara said...

Good LUck!!
I have my 3 year old on video vowing to willingly do the dishes at the age of 16, if I just let her help once in a while now..... we'll see if that one sticks too!


Drayven Morningstarflower said...

I love your blog & have been following since 2008. I don't know how you can keep up with both of your girls, Kazoo reminds me so much of my own daughter (now 9) at that age!
Thank you so much for sharing; at least once I week, I can be found laughing hyserically all by myself at my computer causing others to question my sanity!

Jennifer said...

Video seems more contractually binding. Good idea. I'll have to get on that. Thanks, Sarah.

And thanks Drayven! Very kind of you!