Wednesday, December 17, 2008

animal planet

She took off all her clothes because she declared herself a cat. And then she proceeded to curl up on the couch and purr (which is more like blowing raspberries, but close enough). She was meowing and pointing at the Christmas tree. "What? Are you pointing at the tree?" Meow. "Yes, it's a pretty tree, huh?" Meeow-meow!

A few minutes passed while she remained curled up on the couch. MeeeeeeeeoooooooooOW! "Yes?" Meow. "Yes, kitty?" She pointed to her toy. "Oh, do you want your toy?" Yes, meow! "Hey, wait a minute!" Giggle, meow! "Cats don't talk! I think you're a Caroline!"

No, I'm a kitty. I'm just a meow-o-line.

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