Monday, December 29, 2008

the student becomes the master

We were having a classic eating war. She wanted a candy cane. She saw them before we could hide them. So I told her she could have one after she finished her sandwich. She tried the usual tricks -- subtly throwing them to the dog, trying to negotiate eating her sandwich AFTER the candy cane, taking one bite and declaring herself finished. Any parent knows this drill. We finally got to the point that she just needed to finish 1 little bite of her sandwich.

She refused.

I picked up the 1" square of cheese and bread and did a high-pitched sandwich voice. "Eat me! I am one tiny bite and once you eat me, you get your candy!"

She stared me down. I put the piece on her plate.

She picked it up. In her own high-pitched sandwich voice. "Don't eat me! It will hurt me!" She put it on the plate and smiled smugly as she motioned for her candy cane.

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