Sunday, December 28, 2008

good with faces

The Sound of Music came on TV tonight, and Maria appeared in the hills and began singing. Caroline gasped and said, "It's MARY POPPINS!" Now, she's seen about 2 cumulative minutes of Mary Poppins, and she certainly was not a fan enough to place Julie Andrews (or so I thought). I said, "Well, it's the same woman as Mary Poppins, but this movie is called Sound of Music."

"Well who is that girl?"
"Her name is Maria."
"No, she's Mary Poppins. But she has yellow hair. And no umbrella."

I gave up at this point. Mary Poppins in Austria. Done.


[Edited to add a footnote: The nuns were all singing about how to solve a problem like Maria, and Caroline was very concerned that she was not there. "Where is Maria? Why isn't she there?" I said, "Well she's always late." Without skipping a beat, she replied, "Oh, she's always late. Like Daddy."]

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